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It’s late February in Berlin, and she is in the bissfest office studio. Cinematographer Tiago Pöx, a familiar face, welcomes her with a warm embrace. She is surrounded by two camera lenses, microphones, a sharply tuned
guitar, and a black backdrop. The light in the room is dim to create a recording studio ambient. There is a microphone stand just before her and it is running. She is about to talk to bissfest about something very close to her heart—something she was raised to do, something she has now dedicated every facet of her life to; music and community service.

bissfest Community

weitere Produktionen

Ellen Addário Vetter

Brazilian. Lawyer. Dancer. Mother. Educator.

Rita Louey Moss

Rita Louey Moss: Knows herself. She isn't troubled by people's perceptions of who she is. Because as she strongly puts it; "the result of who I am - is who I am."

Carolin Joy 

Feminist. Berliner. Advocate. Politologist. Art Historian.

"to me as a white feminist, I need to make room as well".

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